A Bio-Mech (a.k.a. CLICKER or TROOPER) is generic term describing a mechanical soldier. A biomech has limited intelligence and no sentient thought. For instance, most biomechs have programmed rudimentary fighting skills built-in. Biomechs have the ability to speak. There are biomechs of varying complexity, the more complex, the higher the "rank" of a particular biomech soldier. Biomech soldiers of varying capabilities are broken into ranks of First, Second, and Third Phalanx, with the remaining 80% or so being standard troopers. Groups of biomechs are normally under the direction of a larger computer for sophisticated operations and maneuvers. At times biomechs are under direct supervision of human soldiers in the Dread Army. Each biomech has strobing orange light indicators on its chest and back. These chest lights serve the purpose of coordinating movements between large numbers of machines. Each chest light strobes at a specific rate individual to each biomech or piece of equipment. The biomechs communicate with each other using these rapid binary pulses for varying purposes. The pulses can indicate something as simple as an IFF signal, (Identify Friend or Foe) to choreographing a large, complex troop movement or deployment of weapons. Some weapons systems and heavy machinery are also equipped with binary strobes to link them with biomech troops. This system of intercommunication and coordination is limited. Too complex a set of tasks can confuse large numbers of biomechs, as can the random, unpredictable attack of a combat proficient human soldier. The hive-mentality biomechs are ultimately controlled by OverMind.