Blastarr was to be Dread's new breed of Bio-Dread - designed as a ground unit to enable it to reach the areas Soaron was unable to. It's creation was the Charon phase of Project New Order. [See The Ferryman ]

Had the Charon phase not been scuppered by Power and his team, Blastarr would have had hundreds of brethren - as it is, he was the only one created who was perfect. [ A second robot was also created - Lackki - but was a imperfect 'mutation'.]

Blastarr is built like a tank and has the firepower to match it. Laser blasts eminate from his fingertips [Soaron fires from his eyes and his fingertips] and he also has a shield which unfurls from his left forearm during battle. Blastarr's feet have wheels on them which allow him to navigate various kinds of terrain without difficulty and with great speed.

Blastarr's relationship with Dread is rather curious - in moments, Dread refers to him as My Son - a term he does not employ with Soaron. Blastarr however, refers to Dread as My Lord, as Soaron does. Dread also appears to be more forgiving of Blastarr's mistakes, and more indulgent of Blastarr's thirst for violence and action. However, there is no doubt that when Blastarr enters the scene, he soon becomes Dread's favourite son. And like in any happy family, there's bound to be sibling rivalty as Blastarr and Soaron bat it out to be Dread's favourite.

The impression that I get is that Bio-Dreads, like children, have to grow up and mature. Blastarr's behavior certaintly mirrors that of a child - it blasts rocks and shoots indiscriminately - it craves praise and approval, but needs to be treated firmly at times. Blastarr can also come across as being rebellious at times - forcing Dread to chastise it. Blastarr's personality seems to lean towards that of a bullyboy - witness how he tortures Soaron for information [eventhough they are on the same side]. He also doesn't seem to be as intelligent as Soaron - it is easily baited and employs very simplistic albeit destructive strategy [shoot everything in sight].This reinforces the perception that Blastarr is all brawn and no brains.

Bio-Dread Ground Guardian

A gigantic bionic creation with both firepower and surveillance expertise. Hot tempered and inflexible in his strategic planning, his movements are deliberate and single minded. His trigger-happy nature is the source of occasional, but, usually costly mistakes.

Blastarr's radar sense provides excellent cover for the protection of Volcania and his weapon systems give him a staggering defense mechanism capable of withstanding a major assault. His arsenal includes the Digitizer, Proton Bazooka, Power Charges, EnergyLeech and Electron Blasters.

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