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Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future is a television series, set on Earth in the middle 22nd Century, that follows the aftermath of the "Metal Wars," a cybernetic revolt, spurred on by a once-human traitor, Dr. Lyman Taggart, who subsequently became the cyborg tyrant Lord Dread, that resulted in the subjugation of the human race by intelligent machines. Captain Jonathan Power leads a small group of guerrilla fighters, called "The Soldiers Of The Future," which opposes the machine forces that dominate Earth.

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1 Story

1.1 The Resistance, including The Soldiers Of The Future

1.2.1 PeopleJonathan "Captain" PowerJennifer "Pilot" ChaseMatthew "Hawk" MastersonMichael "Tank" EllisRobert "Scout" BakerChris "Ranger" O'ConnorChip "TNT" MorrowStuart Gordon PowerJim Mitchell
1.2.2 LocationsPower BasePassages
1.2.3 EquipmentTeleportation GatePowerSuitPowerJet XT-7SkyBikeJumpShip EnergizerMentorCrysBladeStarbitUnnamed Resistance Equipment
1.2.4 MiscFreedom One

1.2 The Bio-Dread Empire

1.2.1 PeopleLyman "Lord Dread" TaggartOverMindBio-Dread YouthSoaronBlastarrLackkiXenonOverunit WeberSilvera
1.2.2 LocationsVolcaniaBio-Dread Installation
1.2.3 EquipmentBio-DreadBio-MechDigitizerPhantom StrikerBio-Dread Armored DestroyerUnnamed Empire Equipment
1.2.4 MiscProject New Order

1.3 "Neutrals"

1.3.1 PeopleAthena SamuelsZone BoyMindsingerHaven Commune (Miles WilliamsonChelsea Chandler) • Jessica MorganWardogs (ViKikoCherokee)
1.3.2 LocationsTech CitySectorsEden IIHaven
1.3.3 HistoryMetal WarsTimeline
1.3.4 MiscNeuro ChargeCurrencyCyberweb

2 Production

2.1 Video

2.1.1 PeopleCast Tim Dunigan (IMDb) • Peter MacNeill (IMDb) • Sven-Ole Thorsen (IMDb) • Maurice Dean Wint (IMDb) • Jessica Steen (IMDb) • David Hemblen (IMDb) • Bruce Gray (IMDb) Voicework Brad Crandall (IMDb) • Deryck Hazel (IMDb) • Tedd Dillon (IMDb) • John S. Davies (IMDb) • Don Francks (IMDb) Writers Gary Goddard (IMDb) • J. Michael Straczynski (IMDb) • Lawrence G. DiTillio (IMDb) • Marc Scott Zicree (IMDb) • Michael Reaves (IMDb) • Christy Marx (IMDb) Guest Actors Todd Waite (IMDb) • Paul Humphrey (IMDb) • Lorne Cossette (IMDb)
2.2.2 EpisodesSeason One ShatteredThe AbyssFinal StandPariahA Fire in the DarkThe Mirror in DarknessThe FerrymanAnd Study War No MoreThe IntruderWardogsFlame StreetGemini and CountingAnd Madness Shall ReignJudgementA Summoning of Thunder: Part 1A Summoning of Thunder: Part 2The Eden RoadFreedom OneNew Order: The Sky Shall Swallow ThemNew Order: The Land Shall BurnRetribution: Part 1Retribution: Part 2 Season Two Vendetta, Part IVendetta, Part IIThe Blood Dimmed Tide, Part I: The Ceremony of InnocenceThe Blood Dimmed Tide, Part II: Tyger, TygerThe Blood Dimmed Tide, Part III: OzymandiasFace of DarknessA Passion Forged in SteelThe Observer
2.2.3 Releases1987 Live Action Televised Episodes 1987 Live Action VHS1987 Live Action Gag-reel VHS Episodes1987 Cartoon Training VHS1987 compilation Movies VHS/Laserdiscs2011 Official DVD Release
2.2.4 History

1.2 Print

1.2.1 PeopleNeal Adams (IMDb)
1.2.2 ReleasesMagazineComic
1.2.3 History

1.3 Fan

1.3.1 Fanfic
1.3.2 Net-Sites20th Anniversary WebsiteCaptainPower.comCaptain Power FacebookCaptain Power Lives! BlogCaptain Power Returns

3 The Toy Line

3.1 Figures, Vehicles, and Playsets

3.1.1 The Action FiguresCaptain PowerLt. Tank EllisMajor Hawk MastersonBlastarr Ground GuardianSoaron Sky SentryLord Dread Corporal Pilot ChaseSergeant Scout BakerColonel Stingray JohnsonTritor Ocean Attack Warlord
3.2.2 The VehiclesInterlockerXT-7Phantom StrikerMagnacycleATR Proton CannonBlastpak 1200DreadStalkerAnti-Personnel PatrollerMobile Sky Bike Launcher
3.2.3 The PlaysetsPower BasePowerOn EnergizerTrans-Field Communication StationTrans-Field Base StationWind-Up Soaron Beam Deflector
3.2.4 UnproducedSky Bike ST-300T.R.A.C. 5000Resistance Ambush PodBio-Dread Armoured DestroyerMissile Lock IndicatorDread CommanderDread Trooper • Unnamed Season 2 Jet

1.2 Other

1.2.1 Role-Playing ToysPower LaserMajor Hawk Masterson Ion Blaster Cap Rifle SetLt. Tank Ellis ProtonblasterSonic Blaster RifleSonic Stinger target Game SetAction Command SetDart Gun SetDart Gun Target GameDart Gun Target Game SetKnock Down Target Game SetPower Suit Target Game SetUtility Belt Dart Gun Target Game SetWater PistolBattery Operated Water PistolBattery Operated Water Pistol Action SetBattery Operated Water Rifle
1.2.2 Themed Items — Bed Sheets • Pillow Case • Sleeping Bag • Mugs • Glass Cups • Lunchboxes • Corn Flakes Boxes, Stamps, and Stickers • Burger King Meal Boxes • Magnets • Erasers • Birthday Party Accessory Pack • Birthday Cake Candles • Helmet Masks • Loot Bags • Tablecloth • Napkins • Crayons • Clothing • Walkie Talkies • Sunglasses • Carrying Case • Puzzles • Bandai Handheld Video Game • Trading Cards • Kites • Adventure Log • Computer Game
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