Matthew Masterson
Portrayed by Peter MacNeill
First appearance "Shattered"
Last appearance "Retribution: Part 2"
Biographical informaion
Date of birth
Date of death
Gender Male
Species Human
Spouse Johanna (Deceased or Digitized)
Children Mitch and Katie (Deceased or Digitized)
Military service
Identification "Hawk"
Allegiance Human Resistance
Military rank Major

Character Biography from Official Show Materials Edit

Major Matthew Masterson served in the Earth Force's United Air Assault Corps during the Metal Wars, and he is the sole surviving member of that unit. The oldest member of the "Power Team" of Soldiers Of The Future, he is a no-nonsense soldier known by his nickname, "Hawk," which has become his call sign.

His PowerSuit allows him to fly distances under 400 miles, and is armed with the latest rocket powered weaponry, including the RocketJet Back Pack System, Ion Blasters and Wrist Rockets.

"The Power Base" Character Biography (Fan Site) Edit

Matt is the father figure of the group, being its oldest member. He is the only one amongst the team to have real wartime experience - he was a combat pilot. Often, he acts as surrogate father to Jon, listening and advising him. This close relationship is probably due to two factors: first, Matt was Stuart Power's best friend and so sees himself as Jon's guardian/surrogate father upon the death of Stuart Power at the hands of Dread. Second, Matt lost his own son, Mitchell Masterson, during the war with Dread, and in many ways, Jon fills in for the son he lost.[See Pariah] Hawk gets along famously with Lieutenant Michael Ellis, call sign "Tank," perhaps the only team member who seems close to his own age. The two get along well despite their constant snipes at each other.

Hawk's Power Suit makes him a miniature air complement - besides being able to fly, his suit is equiped with air to air and surface to air projectiles. His usual job is to provide air cover for ground operations or to foil attempts by Soaron to attack the Jump-Ship.

For reasons never clarified in the stories, Masterson's blaster is bigger than those of all the other Soldiers Of The Future, let alone, of course, that which Ellis carries.

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