Michael Ellis
Portrayed by Sven-Ole Thorsen
First appearance "Shattered"
Last appearance "Retribution: Part 2"
Biographical informaion
Date of birth
Date of death
Gender Male
Species Human
Military service
Identification "Tank"
Allegiance Human Resistance
Military rank Lieutenant
Branch of service Earth Force
Units United Ground Assault Corps

Character Biography Official Show Materials Edit

Lieutenant Michael Ellis served in the Earth Force's United Ground Assault Corps during the Metal Wars. He became legendary for his massive build, fierce spirit and enormous physical strength, which resulted in his being nicknamed "Tank;" this became his call sign. His strength is enhanced by the powerful "Mechano-Suit," one of the most powerful of Power Suits in the arsenal of The Soldiers Of The Future, which is capable of withstanding full weaponry blasts at point-blank range. The suit's power system provides a twenty-fold increase in his strength and agility. His suit also contains a Proton Blaster, a cannon with enough firepower to bring down the largest Warlord-Class Bio-Dread, a Wrist-Torch, Acid Grenades, Leg Launchers, Power Gloves, and the virtually indestructible PermaShield Mask incorporated into his Power Suit.

"The Power Base" Character Biography (Fan Website) Edit

A product of genetic engineering, Ellis is the Arnold Schwarzenagger of the Soldiers of the Future, right down to rippling muscles, Austrian/German accent, and a love for the occasional stogie! Tank's Power Suit aply reflects his nickname - and he provides formidable firepower during ground assaults as well as providing cover when a tactical retreat is required. His Power Suit appears to be more capable of absorbing laser blasts and thus, occasionally, he briefly acts as the human shield to enable other members of the team to escape.

Ellis's suit acts like an exoskeleton, enhancing his strength and literally allows him to charge through walls and doors, using the sheer strength of his suit. Ellis's blaster is considerably more powerful and versatile, not only firing standard laser fire but also being capable of launching grenades. He is the team's main weapon against Blastarr, the ground-specific Warlord-Class Bio-Dread.