This is the headquarters of the Captain Power team. Its exact location is secret but it is somewhere in the Southwest American desert. It was built under the direction of the late Dr. Stuart Gordon Power at the beginning of the Metal Wars to serve as a constant front in the war against Dread's biodread empire. It houses living quarters for the team, and also various communications and military tracking systems. The main Powersuit activation/charging station is also located at Powerbase. The Jumpship is housed in a hanger within Powerbase when not in use. The extent of the Powerbase facilities have not been fully revealed, but are certainly more substantial than the superficial view seen so far. Powerbase does house a super computer known as Mentor (see MENTOR) that assists the Power Team in multitudinous ways. No external view of Powerbase has been seen. It is theorized that it is either entirely subterranean or its above ground features are disguised by a holographic imaging system which projects an illusion that blends in with the environment around it, rendering it essentially invisible to prying eyes. Powerbase is equipped with a radio and radar jamming system preventing unwanted internal or external scans or radio transmissions from giving away the base's location.