This is the name of Dread's plan to systematically replace the consciousness of all human beings with mechanical simulcra. Project New Order is the main focus of Dread's activities to date. Dread genuinely believes that he's trying to give the gift of immortality to a resistant, bellicose humanity. Four phases to Project New Order have been named: Charon, Styx, Icarus, and Prometheus.

During the show's only season, there was a story arc involving Project New Order, Lord Dread's plan to eradicate human life and develop his ideal world. The plan consisted of four stages:

Styx, the release of a powerful toxin into the human population; Charon, the creation of an army of advanced Bio-Dread warriors; Icarus, the construction of a massive orbital platform capable of large-scale digitizing; Prometheus, the release of a plasma storm capable of scorching the Earth surface.