Robert Baker
Portrayed by Maurice Dean Wint
First appearance "Shattered"
Last appearance "Retribution, Part 2"
Biographical informaion
Date of birth
Date of death
Gender Male
Species human
Military service
Identification "Scout"
Allegiance Human Resistance
Military rank Sergeant

Character Biography Official Show Materials Edit

Sergeant Robert Baker, a Soldier Of The Future known by his nickname and call sign of "Scout," is the "Power Team's" master of disguise, communications and code-breaking. He is armed with the latest in electronic surveillance systems and speaks many foreign languages. Baker can "tap into" transmissions of every kind. Trained in guerrilla warfare and martial arts, he is a lethal, silent adversary when confronted by Dread's forces.

"The Power Base" Character Biography (Fan Website) Edit

Cheery with sharp wit and a keen sense of humor, Baker is the funny man to Jonathan Power's straight and serious character, constantly poking fun at both Hawk and Tank. He is the team's techno-fixit man cum computer hacker - Baker steals computer access codes and usually handles the computers in any operation run by the team. He tinkers with hardware, whether dissecting a Trooper-Class Bio-Dread's computer circuits to fixing up the Power Base computer when it crashes. He provides crucial technical knowledge to the team.

Baker's main duty is intelligence, and his Power Suit, though modest in its weaponry, is ideal for covert operations because of its ability to generate a Holo-Field around its wearer. Baker employs a variety of disguises, from BioMech to Lord Dread, to achieve intelligence missions, though his ability to change his form has proven highly useful in battle situations as well.

Baker remained very much in the background during the first season, and very little was revealed about him.

Figure (Toy) Edit

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Data Card Edit

Overmind Data File

Full Name: Sergeant Robert "Scout" Baker.
Strategic Rank: Soldiers Of The Future Intelligence Expert.
Characteristics: Sophisticated...extremely athletic...armed with the latest in electronic surveillance systems.
Weakness: Holo-field illusion can be shattered by direct energy bursts & infrared Bio-Dread sensors.
Major Tactical Weapon: Sonic Blaster.
Special Abilities: Can impersonate anyone via his Power Suit's Holo-field. Voice distorter enables him to duplicate voices.