A Sky Bike is a flying machine, capable of carrying one person or two people, which Soldiers Of The Future who belong to the Power Team fly whenever needs dictate.


The Sky Bikes are flown while seated astride them, as when driving a bicycle, hence the name.


Sky Bikes have a limited arsenal; they are equipped with standard energy blaster weapons and communications gear.

Known weaknessesEdit

A Sky Bike is easily damaged, and generally they are intended primarily for short-range usage. Sky Bikes are inherently dangerous to the operator for the same reason a motorcycle is dangerous--exposure.


A Sky Bike was shown in at least one installment, where Jennifer Chase was almost lynched for her former Bio-Dread Youth membership.

Later, in "Retribution: Part 2," another Sky Bike was used to ferry equipment from the Power Base to the last known location of The Soldiers Of The Future, towards which location Chase dispatched it before she blew up the base, presumably killing herself and destroying Blastarr.

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