An arrogant, crafty and intellectual warrior whose total confidence in his flying skills is completely justified. Merciless and cruel by nature, Soaron - who stands just under 7 feet tall - enjoys the sport of war and is fond of playing cat and mouse with enemies.  Soaron has a mainframe designed for speed, agility and firepower. His arsenal includes the Digitizer, Photon Blasters, Reflexor Missiles and Implosion Bombs. Soaron can deploy enough firepower to destroy a small city!

The first BioDread to be built by Dread - Soaron can think for himself and is capable of self regeneration when damaged or destroyed. Soaron resembles a bird with a human body. He has a beak like mouth and his feet resemble those of a bird, but he has human like hands and torso. He has a tail that extends from the back of his head and hangs down his back.

Initially, Soaron was the favoured son of the Lord of the Empire. Armed with a Digitiser on his left forearm, Soaron swooped around the Empire, picking up on stray colonies or humans that escaped Dread's marching enemies, digitised them and took them home to Overmind to be 'fed' into it's system. He regularly did Dread's dirty work, supervising units and destroying whatever is left of the world that Dread might have missed.

Other times, he has the uncanny habit of running into the Jumpship whenever hey are airborne and is usually deployed by Dread to hunt down the team or to provide air support when Power conducts ground assaults. Unfortunately, Soaron is somewhat easily duped. For a machine, he is unable to seemingly understand the concept of a 'lure'. Soaron is often easily distracted by other targets if presented with them, and the usual strategy of the team, when faced with Soaron is to attempt to outrun him, or let loose Hawk to lead him on a wild goose chase.

Soaron eventually loses favoured son status, when Blastarr enters the scene and it becomes clear who is the more competent of the two in Dread's eyes. A more sophisticated model, Blastarr is also susceptible to traps but is less destructable and easily hurt. There is competition between the two BioDreads, a strange manifestation in the light of the fact that they are supposed to be unfeeling machines, and the rivalry resembles on of sibling rivalry, each striving to compete for Dread's approval and favour.

Yet when it comes to reliability, Dread knows that he can rely on the loyalty of Soaron, compared with Blastarr, who sometimes appears somewhat rebellious. When Volcania is threatened by the debris from Dread's space station [See New Order] it is Soaron who Dread sends to stop it. It is Soaron whom Dread appeals to. It is Soaron who 'defends the home of the machine.' And it is Soaron who gets as close as possible to defending to the death the cause of the machine.

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