JumpShip HoloCam Activation


Scout Activating the JumpShip HoloCam

The Jump-Ship, like the other equipment The Soldiers Of The Future uses, was built under the direction of Dr. Stuart Gordon Power and his government liaison, Major Matthew Masterson. The Jump-Ship is not a spaceship per se. It is used by The Soldiers Of The Future as their main source of transportation in the same manner a plane is used today. It has full defensive shielding and weaponry. The Jump-Ship is linked to the Mentor and has remote access to all the facilities of "The Power Base."

The Jump-Ship can travel great distances in a short time by using what are called transit gates. Dr. Power built six transit gates in the East, West, South, North, and Midwest parts of what was the United States. There is also a transit gate just outside The Power Base. A transit gate allows teleportation between its location and that of any one of the other transit gates; whenever the Jump-Ship enters any one, it can exit from any of the others. It is not known if the transit gates generate a field of hyperspace for the Jump-Ship to travel through, or if the Jump-Ship is somehow converted to energy at a transit gate, projected, and reassembled into its original form on the other end as if using a matter-transporter beam. The Jump-Ship has a holographic imaging system, part holographic projector and part cloaking device, that can alter its outward appearance while it is parked on the ground so as to avoid casual detection.

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